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Just checking us out?
It's cool, we understand.

1 customer
1 invoice configuration
2 invoices / receipts per month

Free Plan ($0.00 USD / Month)


The plan for everyone.
Or mostly everyone.

3 customers
5 invoice configurations
10 invoices / receipts per month

Basic Plan ($4.99 USD / Month)


Who even uses this much?
You will, that's who!

50 customers
500 invoice configurations
1000 invoices / receipts per month

Premium Plan ($9.99 USD / Month)

What are you waiting for?

Creating a recurring invoice which will automatically remind you when it's time to send it as easy as checking a box. Stop forgetting to send your invoices!

Enter your own banking details to get paid directly into your own account - we don't require payments be made through us, so there are no delays when you get paid.

Get paid on your own terms and for your own amount. We will never take any percentage of your invoices

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